Recommended Reading


  • Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife With Native Plants by Douglas Tallamy - Every gardener should read this book!

  • Naturescape Manitoba

  • Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web by Lowenfels & Lewis

  • Eco Yards, Simple Steps to Earth Friendly Landscapes by Laureen Rama

  • Native Plants for Prairie Gardens by June Flanagan

  • Requiem for a Lawnmower by Sally Wasowski

  • The Ontario Naturalized Garden by Lorraine Johnson

  • Grow Wild ! Native Plant Gardening in Canada and Northern U.S. by Lorraine Johnson

  • The Naturalist’s Garden by Ruth Shaw Ernst

  • Noah’s Garden : Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards by Sara Stein

  • Planting Noah’s Garden : Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology by Sara Stein

  • Landscaping for Wildlife by Carrol Henderson

  • The Natural Habitat Garden by Ken Druse

  • The Natural Shade Garden by Ken Druse

  • Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education by Michael Pollan

  • How to Get Your Lawn Off Grass by Carole Rubin

  • Landscaping With Nature : Using Nature’s Designs to Plan Your Yard by Jeff Cox

  • Gardening With Prairie Plants by Wasowski & Wasowski

  • Ornamental Grass Gardening by Thomas Rheinhardt Et al

  • Ornamental Grasses : The Amber Wave by Carole Ottesen

  • Gardening With Grasses by M. King & Piet Oudolf

Butterflies, Bugs, Bees & Pollinators

  • Attracting Native Pollinators : Protecting North America’s Bees & Butterflies by Xerces Society

  • Pollinators of Native Plants:Attract, Observe & Identify Pollinators & Beneficial Insects with Native Plants by H. Holm

  • Manitoba Butterflies, A Field Guide by Simone Hebert Allard

  • Butterfly Gardening : Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden by Smithsonian & Xerces Society

  • The Butterflies of Manitoba by Klassen, Westwood, Preston, & McKillop

  • Four Wings and A Prayer : Caught in the mystery of the Monarch Butterfly by Sue Halpern

  • The Prairie Gardener’s Book of Bugs by Nora Bryan and Ruth Staal

  • An Obsession With Butterflies : Our Long Love Affair With A Singular Insect by Sharman A. Russell

  • Good Bugs For Your Garden by Allison Starcher

  • Handbook for Butterfly Watchers by Robert Pyle

  • The Forgotten Pollinators by Buchmann & Nabhan

  • Dead Snails Leave No Trails by Nancarrow & Taylor (Natural Pest Control)

  • Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy by Nancarrow & Taylor (Natural Pest, Disease, Weed & Critter Control )

Plants – General

  • Prairie Phoenix, The Red Lily in Saskatchewan by Lawrence & Leighton

  • Laura Reeves' Guide to Useful Plants: From Acorns to Zoomsticks by Laura Reeves

  • Hedgemaids & Fairycandles by Jack Sanders

  • The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan

  • The Orchid Thief : A True Story of Beauty & Obsession by Susan Orlean

Identification & Reference

  • Wildflowers Across the Prairies by Vance, Jowsey & McLean

  • Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland by Johnson, Kershaw, McKinnon & Pojar

  • Orchids of Manitoba : A Field Guide by Native Orchid Conservation Inc. (Manitoba)

  • Gardening Naturally: A Chemical Free Handbook for the Prairies by Hugh Skinner & Sara Williams

  • Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada by MacKinnon, Kershaw, Arnason, Owen, Karst, Hammersley Chambers

  • Manitoba Wayside Wildflowers by Linda Kershaw

  • 620 Wild Plants of North America by Tom Reaume Available at Nature Manitoba

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