Laura Reeves' Guide to Useful Plants:
From Acorns to Zoomsticks 

New in 2016

A fantastic new book by botanist Laura Reeves. It is full of great information about herbaceous plants, mushrooms and woody plants, including both native and introduced species. This book has many recipes, tips and beautiful pictures with explanations of how to use plants that can be gathered locally for food and medicine.  


Manitoba Butterflies: A Field Guide

New in 2013

It covers 101 butterflies with over 1,100 photographs. The egg, larva, pupa & adult of all 101 species are shown, helping you to identify whatever you may find in the field or your backyard.


Naturescape Manitoba

An excellent book! Discover the beauty of southern Manitoba's native plants and the birds, butterflies and other wildlife they attract.

This book will help you landscape your yard with nature in mind.



Native Plants for Prairie Gardens

Chock full of information on growing, using, propagating and installing native plants in your garden. Includes lots of beautiful colour photographs and descriptions of many wildflowers, grasses, trees and shrubs. 





Planted: Stories from Manitoba's Natural World 

New in 2017

Planted is a reminder of the personal and ecological benefits of protecting nature in Manitoba. In the style of creative non-fiction, Kaitlin Vitt shares the stories of eight people who are inspired by nature and have stories to tell because of it. You’ll hear stories of survival, self-discovery, and tradition, with a focus on species native to Manitoba.

These stories show we are all connected — our hands, feet, and bodies touch the Earth every day. This planet, and our province, is worth exploring and protecting.


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Pollinators of Native Plants: Attract, Observe, and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants by: Heather Holm

An excellent resource for any gardener or native plant enthusiast who is interested in planting for pollinators. A wonderful book for getting to know pollinators and understanding their close relationships with plants. Full of incredible photographs. Includes sections on conservation with tips for pollinator friendly gardening, range maps of many native plants and pollinator garden plans for different site conditions and for attracting specific types of pollinators.



Eco-Yards, Simple Steps to Earth Friendly Landscapes

This book is full of hands on practical information. It shows step by step
how to create and look after gardens in an environmentally friendly way.
Practicing the common sense gardening and landscaping principles in this book might just be your way of making this world a better and healthier place. An excellent book.

Sorry - Not available - Out of Print

Wildflowers Across The Prairies

This a great reference for identifying our many wildflowers. It is full of colour pictures, descriptions & habitat preferences.

Sorry - Not available - Out of Print



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