Links North American Native Plant Society – Site by a non-profit, non-governmental organization formerly known as Resource Conservation Manitoba. Provides practical solutions and tools to help Manitobans live more sustainably. - This website offers photographs of and information on native tallgrass prairie flora, along with photos of fauna and panoramics of spectacular prairie skies. It presents both planning and research for, and documents the replanting of an acreage in southeastern Manitoba.
• Images are available as archival quality prints. - St. Norbert Farmer's Market - Manitoba’s online nature magazine. A great place to learn more about Manitoba’s plants and animals - The site is by the Canadian Wildlife Federation to promote creating wildlife habitat in your backyard. An excellent site. - Everything you ever wanted to know about Monarchs. - Living Prairie Museum on Ness Ave. in Winnipeg - Tracks migration of many species including Monarch butterflies. - A Manitoba group dedicated to conservation and protection of native ecosystems and their plant communities. Their main focus is orchids but other rare and endangered plants are included. - Fort Whyte Alive is nature in the city of Winnipeg. They provide programs, natural settings and facilities for environmental education, outdoor recreation and social enterprise. - Manitoba Eco Network promotes positive environmental action by connecting people and groups in our communities. They educate, facilitate and celebrate. - ECO-TEA is an aerated compost tea containing a multitude of plant-beneficial soil microorganisms and nutrients. ECO-TEA is a truly ecologically sustainable product for large-scale agriculture, gardens, golf courses, sports fields and the average homeowner. - Shows you how to work with nature in your garden with Workbooks on Getting Started, Soil, Water, Plants & Materials and Human Health.

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